Regaining your optimal health takes time and commitment but you will be guided through this process step-by-step. All new clients require on-boarding which is conducted over zoom. 

This comprehensive consultation includes a review of your medical history, an assessment of your current environment and typical diet, your relationship with food, metabolic health, evaluation of any test results and most importantly, your goals. 

The resulting health optimisation plan includes tailored diet and lifestyle recommendations including easy to follow food groups and recipes. 

How does the Metabolic Balance programme work?

We will have an initial call to discuss your goals and whether the programme is suitable for you. If you wish to go ahead, you will need to complete a questionnaire prior our first consultation when I will gather necessary data and arrange a blood test that measures haematological/biochemical and certain hormonal markers for thyroid and pancreatic function, HbA1C (3 month glucose marker) and VitD25OH to assess Vitamin D levels.

This data is then entered into a sophisticated software programme based in Germany and an Individual Nutritional Programme is generated. You are then invited back for a 60 minute follow up consultation to go through yourpersonalised nutritional programme and how you will implement it. You will also have access to The Metabolic Balance App to have your plan and recipe suggestions at your fingertips.

You are then supported through a 3-month programme with another 5 follow up consultations to help your metabolism change.

All participants are offered a follow up blood test between 3-6 months after the programme is completed with ad-hoc sessions to discuss results and to keep you on track.

In order to best understand your health issues and goals, I strongly encourage clients to work with me for a minimum of 3 sessions. This will give us time to get to the root cause of your health concern, introduce a new eating plan and consider appropriate supplements.

I am based near Bristol but see clients mainly over Zoom to allow scheduling flexibility.

Standard Nutritional Therapy programme £275

  • 90 minute initial consultation
  • Personalised nutrition, supplement and lifestyle plan and plan review
  • 2 x 45 minute follow-up consultations
  • Email support throughout
  • Completed within three months

Optional: MBTI Step I feedback and Stress Management Report – £99

Comprehensive Nutritional Therapy programme £525

  • 90 minute initial consultation
  • Personalised nutrition, supplement and lifestyle plan and plan review
  • 6 x 45 minute follow-up consultations
  • Email support throughout
  • Completed within six months

Metabolic Balance programme £825

  • Initial 90 minute consultation
  • Comprehensive blood test with 36 biomarkers conducted by TDL (The Doctors Laboratory)
  • Personalised Nutrition Plan based on unique blood test results and review
  • 6 x 30 minute coaching sessions
  • Access to The Metabolic Balance app
  • 12-week programme

Optional: Post programme blood test and review session £240

On-going coaching/review sessions and updates (up to 2 hours) £80 per session

Bespoke corporate event and talks – fee to be agreed

On occasions supplements and/or functional testing may be recommended, these are not included in the price listed and will only be ordered once you give your approval.

Start your journey to optimal health now

What people say about their experience working with me

“What I like about Michaela is that she never judges anybody for the way they’ve done things or how they do things. She is just there to help you to improve your diet and general health. When I first met Michaela I was very sluggish, with no motivation, overweight and had various health issues, lots of cravings – generally not in a good place. 

Now, after 6 months of working together, for the first time in my life, I’ve managed to take control of my cravings and with her knowledge I am more proactive about any health concerns, have more energy and feel so much better. I cannot believe the impact good nutrition had on my overall health and quality of life. As a bonus, I’ve managed to lose a stone and a half and never felt so good. Fantastic lady – thank you. “

Lu Rose

“I used to get 3 – 4 colds every year, some quite severe. Since working with Michaela on improving my diet, I rarely get a cold these days and if I do, it’s gone within a day or two. She also supported my nutritional needs to get me through an Half Ironmen Triathlon event.“

Alan Jones

Feeling poorly and miserable with a range of painful digestive symptoms I reached out to Michaela. During my first consultation she carefully listened and noted all the issues I was experiencing. She then was the first person to join up the dots and explain to me what was potentially going on, why I suddenly developed these problems; something my GP and even gastroenterologist weren’t able to do. Within days she came up with a food plan with a great variety of recipes, supplement guide and a whole list of ways for me to try and relax, so my body could heal. We had weekly check-ins to discuss my progress and symptoms. I felt extremely well supported as she answered all my queries and concerns throughout.   

After just a couple of weeks I noticed a huge improvement in my symptoms and after 3 months, I’m now symptom free of what I thought would never end. I’m so grateful to Michaela for helping me. With the knowledge she shared, I’ve not only healed but she has given me a completely different perspective on health and wellness. Contacting her was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. I would highly recommend her to everyone. Thank you so much! “

Alex Schlimmer

Michaela was an incredible help to me at a very overwhelming time in my life when my diet had taken a real back seat. Her background in psychology as well as nutrition and her passion for both meant she was able to help me unpick the emotional difficulties that were affecting how and what I was eating and get me back to prioritising my health and reducing the symptoms I was experiencing. I am on the road a lot with my job and Michaela came up with all kinds of suggestions for me to pack nutrition into my day in simple and feasible ways. At the same time my diet became much more colourful and fulfilling. If there was ever a bump in the road we talked it over and Michaela adapted things to suit what I needed and what worked for me. I still use many of her ideas and suggestions now, whether related to food specifically or self-care and nourishment in general.”

K.W. – Bath

What to expect

Free discovery call (typically up to 30 minutes)

This gives us an opportunity to explore whether nutritional therapy is right for you and would benefit your health. It is also an opportunity for us both to decide if I am the right person to help you. Investing in your health takes time and it’s important that we are both confident that we are a good match. 

Before the consultation

You will be sent a confidential health questionnaire with a food and lifestyle diary to be completed and returned to me at least 2 days prior to your initial consultation. This will allow me to carry out some preliminary analysis and research so we can make the most of our time together. 

Initial Consultation 

The consultation typically takes about 90 – 120 minutes and includes:

  • Establishing your aims and goals
  • Discussing your health questionnaire, food and lifestyle diary
  • A further detailed assessment looking at all aspects of your health and lifestyle
  • Discussing any recent blood test or other test results

After the consultation 

I will review all the information gathered and develop a personalised plan. This will set out how we will work towards your goals, diet and lifestyle recommendations and advice and any appropriate supplements. This will not include detailed and structured meal plans but guidance on the principles of good nutrition and how to incorporate these into your daily life. 

I aim to get this completed within 48 hours of our consultation. It is important that the plan is understood, achievable and agreed by you. This will done by phone or zoom so you can ask additional questions or we can tweak recommendations to make them more suitable for you.

Follow-up appointments 

In the first month, these will be scheduled weekly or fortnightly to get you started on your wellness journey. After this, they are typically scheduled every 4-6 weeks. Further recommendations are provided as we work towards achieving your goals. These sessions last about an hour. 

MBTI Personality Assessment and Stress Management report

Increasing psychological resilience is pivotal when thinking about how to achieve your optimal health and wellness. If you are not familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I will take you through a feedback session to identify your best-fit type and then explore how these insights can help you deal with stress more effectively. If you are already familiar with MBTI Type, we can cover the additional exploration in one of our coaching sessions.